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How to Cross Time Zones With no Jet Lag

Think about counting down the days towards a great trip-that took cautious arranging and saving-only to step off the plane and need to sleep for 3 days. Or landing in Dubai and going straight to a meeting exactly where all the participants are discussing really important deals, only to be falling asleep in the conference table.
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Jet lag is a widespread downside to long-distance travel; signs include exhaustion, dry skin, dehydration, muscle stress and time confusion. Right here, associates from Marriott International-many of whom invest http://www.chaussure-airmax.com over half their time traveling-offer their guidance on how to fight the fatigue that comes with crossing time zones:

1. Do not drink alcohol just before or during the flight. Alcohol adds to the dehydration and fatigue.

2. Drink a considerable quantity of water throughout the flight and upon landing. Water will lower down around the dehydration and may also aid with muscle fatigue.

3. As soon as you step around the plane, set your observe for the time that matches that of your location and sleep in line with the location to which you will be flying. Thus, if getting on a plane inside the afternoon whilst it is late at night while in the city you are flying to, then it is time for you to rest.

4. While sleeping on the plane, rest so long as attainable to produce a "nighttime" sleep experience. Use earplugs and light-reducing eye covers if necessary.
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5. Elevate your feet as significantly as possible in the course of your flight.

6. Upon arrival, a shower will aid refresh and revitalize you. Then, adhere to the regional time and try out to avoid napping.

7. Consider to remain up as late as possible around the very first evening. In case your schedule will demand numerous late nights, consider to stay up until a minimum of midnight.

8. Assume the second day to be one of the most difficult. Continue to be on schedule on the time of your location. Request a wake-up phone, or set an alarm, for the morning and start the second day.

9. Attempt a spa remedy for muscle fatigue and dehydrated skin.

10. If possible, consider to devote an hour in sunlight and fresh air on the very first day; this can assist to reset your body's internal clock to local time.

Marriott Worldwide, Inc. (NYSE:MAR) can be a primary lodging organization with practically 2,800 lodging properties inside the U.s. and 66 other nations and territories.

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